The “Southern” Cross magazine: 2014 edition

The “Southern” Cross was a magazine of the WWI military hospital based at the Edgbaston University campus. Its objective was to provide wounded soldiers with the chance to express themselves and establish their own identity when positioned between the home front and the battlefield.

Both soldiers and hospital staff contributed to the publication which ran monthly from January of 1916 until 1919, producing 32 issues in total. Contributions included written articles and anecdotes as well as artwork, poetry and cartoons.

As part of our Forward 100 project we have created a new issue that features both new contributions from present day soldiers and historians as well as a selection of the original material from the first 3 volumes. Permission to use this original material has been granted by the University of Birmingham’s Cadbury Research Library. Visitors can see all of the first 3 volumes of the magazine within Cadbury’s special collections.

You can pick up a hard copy of issue no.33 of The “Southern Cross” magazine in the Birmingham BBC public space over the summer of 2014 or read it online here: The Southern Cross No.33


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